Well Designed, Minimal Digital/ Analog Clock Screen Savers for Mac OS X

We all like screensavers. No matter what theme it’s, there’s a screen saver available out there that does justice to your beautiful and well designed Apple iMacs, MacBooks and Mac Mini’s running Mac OS X. These screensavers are not only eye candy, but also helps in reducing screen burn-in time to extend your hardware’s screen […]

How to Stream Beats 1 Radio Without Apple Music App or iTunes

Apple introduced the all new Apple Music streaming service along with the free to access Beats 1 24×7 worldwide radio service yesterday. But the Beats 1 radio is officially available only through the new Apple Music app available on iOS 8.4 (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and iTunes 12.2 (Mac OS X and Windows). Also […]

Automatically Change Twitter Header Image Daily With NASA Astronomy Picture of The Day

The NASA Astronomy Picture of The Day (APOD) project has been successfully running for 20 years now. The highly curated space photo or image collection, along with an explanation written by a professional astronomer has helped NASA scientists showcase the length and breadth of the space that’s otherwise not visible to humans. Be it the photos […]

Compare Fare And Availability To Hire The Best Cab Service In India

  The online on-demand cab aggregator/ ridesharing services that lets you hire cars from mobile phones with the press of a button is growing at a rapid pace in India. We already have a handful of companies fighting it out in the open to win customers in cities they operate. Of them the major ones […]

How to Emulate Google Chromecast on Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop

Google’s latest hardware offering, Chromecast was an instant hit as it promised a better way of beaming/ controlling  multimedia content from your mobile phone on to a TV than the current choices we have right now. Now when a popular company like Google is trying to solve an age old problem that haunted Android, with a […]

Quickly Download Online Files to Cloud Storage Services Using Web App

To download something on Android all it take is to simply click on the file that you stumble upon while browsing. Then you have the native share menu that includes an easy option to share files to third-party apps. But in stark contrast, iOS doesn’t allow downloading or sharing  to third-party apps. That said, one […]

Glui- Simple Mac App to Take Screenshots and Quickly Upload to Dropbox

If you are a Mac OS X user and in game for a simple app other than the popular Skitch (from Evernote) to take screenshots then look no further. The simple yet useful Glui app to the rescue. The true beauty of Glui lies in its ability to capture screen and then upload it to […]

Mute Spotify Audio Ads Using SpotiFree for Mac

Spotify’s free online radio service is a blessing to music buffs out there who wish to stream the latest content legally. Without spending a dime any Spotify user in the US/ UK can access this radio feature via desktop and mobile apps. But like in any other free online radio service there is catch. Spotify […]

Desktoppr- Automatically Sync, Set High Quality Wallpapers As Desktop Background Using Dropbox

There are many websites out there that offer quality wallpapers and art for free, decent enough to set them as your desktop background. But none of them provide the kind of interactivity or simplicity Desktoppr as a wallpaper megamart promises. The beauty of Desktoppr lies in its ability to push impressive images to your desktop […]

SoundGecko- Instantly Turn Favorite Blog Posts Into Podcasts to Listen Later

I’m someone who reads a lot of technology related and other interesting articles online. But I usually run out of time and my Pocket app installed on iOS and Android gets populated with links that I intend to read later while on the move or possibly during free time. To get great insight to what is […]