Automatically Cross Post Google Plus Posts to Facebook & Twitter [Chrome Extension]

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We already shared a Chrome extension that lets you share Google Plus messages or posts to Facebook and Twitter. But that was limited to already existing posts on your timeline and not to the new posts you send. So you had to share a post to circles and then send it to Facebook or Twitter. With this new feature rich Chrome extension each Google Plus posts can be pushed to Facebook and Twitter too.

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Start G+, a Chrome extension that lets you automatically share Google Plus posts to Facebook and Twitter. Once after installing this plugin a new Facebook and Twitter toggle buttons appear near to the native circles tabs below status space. Now while updating Google Plus profile you can select to send the same message to other social platforms.

As an added feature you can  also enable and disable Gmail browser-based notification from the tab on Google bar on top. If you click on Gmail icon it will display unread messages. Gmail and Google Plus unread notifications all from a single tab.


Google Plus to Twitter Facebook Cross Post
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9 Responses

  1. You can also use this PHP Twitter to Google Plus crossposting script:
    All is done without Google API, OAuth, tokens or any other annoying products. There is no need to install any specific browser. The status can be updated automatically by putting the script to cron.

  2. Sandro says:

    If you are lucky and have an account with, you can accomplish that with tasks there. Without any Browser extension…

  3. silencedogwood says:

    its not working , i’m getting this error on using Facebook Ad-on >>
    “” Important Notice

    Facebook is no longer enabling communication between Google Plus and Facebook. We are currently trying to contact Facebook to get everything back as it was. Please be patient with our efforts. We hope to be up and running again soon,
    -the Google+Facebook team.””

  4. Tom says:

    While it’s a nifty extension, it doesn’t play well when you’ve got AdBlock+ installed. You have to either disable AdBlock+ (which, given my abhorrence for the intrusiveness of many sites’ adverts, is pretty much a non-starter) or you end up with duplicate posts to FB (I may just need to tweak my ABP exception filters, though).

  5. M says:

    Cross posting to facebook doesn’t work

  6. Is there a similar tool for Firefox available, please?

    That was great!

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