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Google Plus network is fast evolving with new feature additions and bug fixes. In fact Google Plus team would be spending majority time to enhance user experience both on mobile and desktops. They already released Google+ apps from iOS and Android, but Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry platforms are yet to get an official app. That being said expecting other features like what their rival Facebook offers (blogs widgets, tools) can be over ambitious. But we need to move on. Thanks to third-party developers who jump in quickly to make use of the opportunity.

With Google Plus Widget third-party service you can add Google Plus box on blog sidebar. This sidebar widget can also display your recent post feeds with auto scrolling enabled. Hitting ‘Add to circles’ will open the profile page in a new tab from where you can add to circles. To start of with feed in your Google+ ID to the field under basic settings and go ahead to tweak all other features. The best part is like Facebook Like box you can completely tweak this Google Plus widget according to your liking. The display text, font, color, size etc. can be easily changed from the web interface before you hit ‘Get Code’ to copy the script. Now simply copy the script and paste it on your blog be it WordPress or Blogger to display Google Plus box on sidebar.


Google Plus Widget

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  1. atif says:

    Nice Post Binoy,

    But the link of widgetplus is not working.

  1. July 21, 2011

    […] Google+ Widget [ Via] […]

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