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Sharing your desktop screen for a presentation session be it on Windows or Mac OS is possible with Skype and services like Teamviewer. But with the popularity of mobile devices and tablets many users prefer to attend or view presentations on the move. While Teamviewer lets you share screen with users having the app on desktop or mobile phone basically it is an one-to-one service. For those who were waiting for a simple alternative service meet

Join.Me is a free screen sharing service from the LogMeIn team. This dead simple presentation app can beam sessions or stream desktop screen to mobile devices running iOS and Android. That means iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones, Tablets users can take part in live presentations from a remote location. The best part is both the presenter and viewers can interact via voice calls and in app IM. also allows sharing files, multi-monitor setup and control sharing between Windows and Mac desktop users. By subscribing to premium service you get a personal link & background, meeting scheduler, user management and international conference lines.

Join.Me Desktop

Go to Join.Me and install the Java applet on your Windows or Mac desktop. The Join.Me interface will then display a unique access code which can be shared with your friends via email or on social networking websites. The free account lets you connect with upto 250 users at a time. The viewers can join presentation via another Windows or Mac device, iOS or Android phones.

Join.Me iPhone App

Now enter the access code in iPhone or Android app to join presentation from a remote location. The mobile app displays voice, chat and viewers below the screen. Users can call via internet and also dial a number to connect with the presenter. Can also text chat from mobile phones to desktop and vice versa. Note that file sharing doesn’t work on mobile devices.

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