Enable AirPlay on Windows 7 to Wirelessly Stream Photo & Video from iPhone, iPad


AirPlay Windows

Apple devices sports AirPlay feature that allows users to wirelessly stream photos, videos, audio to big TV screens. Being a proprietary Apple technology it is not available for Windows users. But with the help of third-party apps you can emulate AirPlay even on Windows OS. We introduced Windows applications capable of accepting video and audio from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad here in this post. Here is another app that allows you to wirelessly beam both photos and video from iOS devices to Windows PC.

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With AirStream media player you can wirelessly stream videos and photos on iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to Windows desktop. This media player can with help of Bonjour tool running can emulate an AirPlay receiver so that your iOS device will detect the presence and show them under video and photo apps. AirStream Media Player to work on Windows requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, Bonjour for Windows (Included with iTunes, or you can download the Bonjour Print Services) and QuickTime for Windows. This tool works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Install AirStream media player and keep it running. Now open any video streaming app including native YouTube app and photo app to find the button with AirPlay enabled devices that are ready to accept feed. Select your Windows PC and start streaming.

AirPlay Windows Video

AirPlay Windows 7

This app when used with the other apps mentioned above can fully impart AirPlay functions which otherwise is confined to Apple products. The experience is awesome when streaming YouTube videos from iPad and iPhone. Try it.

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