Lion DiskMaker- Easily Create Mac OS X Lion Bootable DVD, USB Drive

Mac Lion USB DVD

Apple recently released Mac OS X Lion 10.7 to public via their Mac app store. It was found that the .dmg update file downloaded from Apple servers can be used to create bootable USB or DVD with which you can install or update to Mac Lion on other Mac machines. Bootable hardware becomes significant when you want to quickly install Mac Lion on multiple systems which is otherwise tedious. But creating a bootable disc or flash drive from the Mac Lion update file is easy now and can’t get better. Check out Lion DiskMaker tool.

Lion Disk Maker is a small application programmed with AppleScript that you can use with Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 to burn a DVD or build a bootable USB key from Mac OS X Lion’s Installation program.

Before you create bootable DVD or USB make sure you have downloaded Mac Lion 10.7 InstallESD.dmg file from the Mac store and saved to /Applications folder. Also this Lion update file gets automatically erased when you upgrade from Snow Leopard. So make sure you create a bootable hardware before the upgrading process. This tool won’t work on Mac OS X Lion. An advantage of using this tool over the methods already known is that you can even use 4GB USB or an SD-Card.

How to create Mac OS X Lion 10.7 boot disc, USB drive or SD card:


1. Mac OS X Lion (from Mac App Store)

2. Lion DiskMaker tool

3. 4GB (minimum) DVD/ flash drive/ SD card.

Once after you finish downloading InstallESD.dmg file, fire up Lion DiskMaker tool. The tool UI will display the options available namely ‘Burn a DVD’ and ‘Create a boot disk’. Select the necessary option and then wait for the bootable media. Done.

Lion DiskMaker

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