InstaFB- Backup, Auto-Sync Instagram Photos With Facebook Album

instafb- Instagram to Facebook


Instagram is the most popular photography app available on iOS platform where in iPhone users snap photos and apply filters to create cool looking art work. The app includes social networking sites integration that lets you push photo updates to Facebook and Twitter. While Tweet updates are quite understandable sending frequent Facebook status updates with just links to photos  is not wise. Instead create a Facebook album and let all your Instagram photos to it.

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Instafb is an online tool with which you can allow Instagram photos on Facebook under a named photo album. With Instafb you can make sure photos are automatically added to Facebook when a new Instagram picture is ready in a more cleaner way. On instafb page, login to Facebook using Connect and Instagram to sync photos to Facebook instantly. Then you can tag on Instagram photos uploaded to Facebook albums which means more visibility and engagement. Instafb also serve as a backup tool for Instagram photos as a copy of images are always on Facebook.


Instagram Facebook Album

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