Free Apps to Monitor 3G Data Usage on iOS, Android & BlackBerry Phones

Android iOS BlackBerry Data Monitor

The data usage on mobile phones are rising ever since the advent Android and Windows Phone 7 OS. The stats suggest almost 90 pc increase in data usage on mobile devices when compared to yesteryears. The drop in data plan price and the  way people consume data has completely changed the scene. But with increase in mobile data users the effective cost per MB doesn’t have to go down always owing to the fact that service providers spend a huge amount to cope up with the demand. That is when consumer side data saving techniques becomes relevant.

Here are some free data monitoring apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS with which you can save on monthly bill. A free app for Windows Phone 7 is still missing.


  • iOS


Onavo is a free iOS app for iPhone and iPad that can magically shrink data usage therefore helps you save on monthly bills. Onavo basically streams data through their servers to iPhone ensuring secure and less data usage. Once after you enable Onavo on iPhone all app downloads, email exchanges and browsing on Safari is passed on through Onava servers. This app displays data saved and also monthly usage categorized. Onavo doesn’t shrink video and audio now but developers promises to support that in future. Note that Onavo works only when iPhone and iPad is switched 3G and don’t work when on WiFi network.


Onavo iOS App

  • Android

Update: Onavo is now available for Android phones too.

3G Watchdog

With 3G Watchdog free app for Android you can keep track monthly internet usage without having to pay extra charges. Be it 3G/ Edge or GPRS data usage, this app shows a status icon (green/orange/red) in the notifications area which leads to report page. Make sure 3G Watchdog runs as a service in background so that it can monitor data round the clock. This app doesn’t track WiFi data usage.


3G Watchdog Android

  • BlackBerry

Network Traffic Control

This free app available for BlackBerry OS can keep track of data usage via radio and WiFi separately. The daily and monthly Radio and WiFi traffic in/ out is reported which gives you an idea on data usage. Network Traffic Control is compatible with GSM/ GPRS and UMTS BlackBerry phones. So that means this app can monitor Edge, GPRS and 3G networks along with WiFi. Great add-on to BlackBerry smartphones.

Network Traffic Control BlackBerry


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