Remote Control Android Phones Over WiFi from Windows, Mac & Linux Machines

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It is quite easy to monitor desktop computer from Android devices as there are many popular apps like and Teamviewer that lets you take control of PC from a remote location. But to access and monitor Android phones or Tablet devices from desktop including Windows, Mac and Linux all you will find online is posts that suggests readers to configure Android SDK and use a screencast addon to again access to the connected Android device. To be frank it takes time and not adviced for novice users who wish to have such a setup.

Here is an alternate easy method to access and monitor rooted Android devices from Windows 7, Mac or a Linux (Ubuntu) distro using apps available for each of these platforms. The whole setup includes installing a VNC server app on Android phone and a client on desktops enabling remote access over WiFi, internet and USB. Read on for the tools required.

On Android:

To begin with download and install Droid VNC Server or this Remote Control add-on app to allow remote access to Android (rooted) from desktops over WiFi. If you are using Droid VNC, once after installing the app make WiFi is turned on and hit ‘Start Server’ on Droid VNC Server app to start functioning. Take note of the IP address and port number below the app as it is required for feeding into VNC clients installed on desktop.


DroidVNC Android

On Desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux):

The setup on desktop side requires you to install a VNC viewer client on Windows, Mac or Linux in order to access and control Android phones and Tablets. All you have to do is open the VNC client and punch in IP:Port that you got from Droid VNC Server installed on Android device. And if it is password protected provide that too for successful connection.

The VNC viewer clients for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux are,

Android devices can now be remote accessed and you can use the keyboard connected to desktop to navigate through it. The Page Down, Up, Home keys can be used to do so. If you are connecting via USB make sure adb is installed on Android.

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