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We deal with multimedia files almost daily. Be it video, audio, image or any software file we usually attach them to our email messages and send them to multiple IDs in a single shot. But the problem we have faced from day one onwards still persists. Email service providers set a size limit for attachments otherwise it is obvious that they will run out of disk space soon. The file storage services can be handy when you want to send a large file but again it is a tedious task. Here is a cool service that can bridge the gap between a file storage and email service to manage file attachments of any size to send them to multiple IDs quickly.

Kicksend, a Y! Combinator backed free service that can ease out large email file sharing process with an Adobe Air based desktop app for Windows and Mac. Once after you create an account with Kicksend and install the desktop app the user interface allows multiple file attachments to be sent to any number of users. All the files are uploaded to Kicksend servers and will be live for 2 weeks. Add email IDs with an optional message to send the links to files. The recipients can download files even without having Kicksend installed on their desktops. But if they have Kicksend installed the files will be automatically downloaded to their computer. You can even attach and send files via web interface but then there will be size limit of 150 MB per file. Also both Android and iOS apps are on the way.

The free Kicksend account limits the storage space to 1GB with file staying on it for 2 weeks. These restrictions can be lifted by upgrading your account.


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