LinkPush- Quickly Send Links From Firefox & Chrome to Android Phones

Chrome to Phone LinkPush

When it comes to sending links from a desktop PC to Android phones there are many ways to do so. And the simplest of them was the popular Chrome to Phone Chrome extension and Android app combination. Not only that it was limited to Chrome browsers that Android app is now missing on apps store and not compatible with Android 2.3 (at least for me). Meet LinkPush that does the same job of pushing links from computer to Android phones.

LinkPush consists of two parts, the browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, bookmarklets for all other browsers and an Android app. All you have to do is install add-on on browser and app on Android phone. Note that this is hosted on Google appspot apps server and require you to allow access to your Google account to sync links. Now the hit the LinkPush button on browser to magically send link to your phone. Launch LinkPush on your phone to load the page and voila!


LinkPush Chrome

LinkPush Android App

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