File Expert- Transfer Files, Folders Between NFC Enabled Android Phones With a Tap

Nexus S Android NFC Share TransferThe NFC (Near Field Communication) is finally taking off and we can already see Nokia, RIM and Samsung pushing NFC enabled mobile phones to market. In fact almost all the phones releasing next year (iPhone 5 is rumored to be NFC capable) will be NFC enabled, capable of peer-to-peer communication. But being a technology in its infant stage we as an end-user is left with very few choices. We covered few popular NFC enabled Android apps available in marketplace here in this post but none of them could meet the basic need of any peer-to-peer technology ie. files sharing. File Expert the popular file manager Android app becomes the first file sharing app to integrate NFC.

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File Expert is popular on Android as a file manager and wireless transfer app but our focus is on the new NFC feature support. With two NFC enabled Android phones (Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy S2) and File Expert app installed on both phones when in close proximity lets you wirelessly transfer files and apps by a simple tap. When you tap phones together File Expert enables Bluetooth on both and transfer the file without the need of searching or pairing devices. With File Expert you can send apps, photos, audio, video or any other file formats. You can also send the entire folder with any number of files in it.

Tap and hold on any file for the Operations menu to pop up. Now click ‘Share’ and the from Share Via window select ‘NFC Tapping’ to send file to the other NFC enabled Android phone with a single tap.

File Expert NFC Tapping

If Bluetooth connection is disabled then File Expert will ask for permission to switch on Bluetooth. Hit yes to continue.

File Expert Bluetooth NFC Transfer

When you see this screen tap your phone with another Android phone with NFC support and File Expert installed in it. The folders or files transferred will be stored on other phones and can be accessed via File Expert app. The files will be available under ‘Local’ menu.

Android NFC File Transfer

File Expert Android NFC

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  1. Binil George says:

    i am using Samsung Galaxy S2 and i am unable to transfer files via NFC even if i install File expert software.Please do help me.

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