Quickly Pin Windows 8 Power Options & Applications to Metro Start Menu

Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

The all new Metro style interface featured in Windows 8 looks cool on a Tablet device or a touch based desktop for that matter. This UI overhaul from Microsoft, with user interaction in mind will simplify the way users navigate while on a Tablet device. The large tiled icons and the drag to rearrange feature adds to an enhanced user experience when on Windows 8. Now talking about Metro interface adding applications or files to it is easy, but add power options require some registry hacks at least in the developer preview.

Metro UI Tweaker is a free tool that lets you add applications, files and power options to Metro start screen in Windows 8. This tool includes many other options too. Once after downloading Metro UI Tweaker, unzip and launch to find three options namely Metro, Power and Add apps or files to start menu. Under Metro options you can disable or enable Metro start menu and Explorer Ribbon. Moving on to Power as you would expect options include LogOff, Lock, Sleep, Restart, Shut down. Select the ones you wish to add to Metro screen and hit ‘Add to Start Menu’. The last options lets you browse through ¬†installed apps or files and then place a shortcut on Metro start screen.

Windows 8 Metro UI Tweaker

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