Tool To Quickly Switch Between Google DNS & Open DNS on Windows 7

DNS Lookup

It is a known fact that every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS lookup. DNS translates domain names that we understand to the numericals associated with networking equipment. It is adviced to use popular third-party DNS services like Google DNS and OpenDNS that offers enhanced security along with a boost in browsing speed. On PC running Windows 7 to use Google DNS or OpenDNS you need to manually edit network settings and enter server IPs. That isn’t easy when you want to switch between DNS your ISP uses or the alternatives.

Windows DNS Changer is a standalone free tool for Windows 7 that lets you quickly switch between Google DNS and OpenDNS without having to manually type the IPs. Download and launch this portable app to select a DNS server from the available ones namely Google DNS, OpenDNS, Sprint DNS and your own DNS. After selecting a DNS server all you have to do is hit ‘Apply’.

This tool is handy in a situation demanding frequent DNS server switch. Note that there is a background song being played which can be turned off from the tool interface.

Windows DNS Changer UI


Download Windows DNS Changer

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