Top Free Twitter Apps for Windows Phone 7

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With Windows Phone Mango update Microsoft nailed down the complaints out of not having deep social networking integration in their mobile OS. Windows Phone now supports Twitter and LinkedIn out of the box. This is an OS wide integration so that you can view entire history of communications with the contact, including email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or text messaging from the profile pane. Also the Me tile on home screen lets you update Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Windows Live contacts with a single click.

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Though you can access and update Twitter from Windows Phone 7 OS itself, not all features may be present. It may not be the best out of the other Twitter clients available for WP7. Here is a list of free Windows Phone Twitter apps available on Marketplace now. Note that not all apps are Mango friendly though it loads. The Mango features includes multiple Live Tiles and Multi-tasking that being the two things that matter for app developers, though there are over 500 feature additions in WP 7.5 update.

1. Twitter (Official)

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Twitter for Windows Phone is an official app that lets you tweet with all the Metro goodness. This Mango ready app features realtime search, suggested users, top tweets, trending topics and maps along with all other basic Twitter functions. Also allows photo uploading and sharing them with your followers. Twitter for Windows Phone includes two themes namely light and dark theme. Even the font size, image quality and timeline update frequency can be changed from settings menu.

Twitter Windows Phone Timeline

2. Seesmic

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Seesmic is a popular free app for accessing Twitter on Windows Phone. Seesmic app lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts with other basic Twitter features like search, trending topics and lists in your customizable “spaces” dashboard. Seesmic app is Mango ready that allows multiple live tiles. That basically means you can have separate live tiles for Twitter mentions, DMs and Timeline.

Seesmic Windows Phone 7


3. TweetCaster

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TweetCaster for Windows Phone is one feature rich Twitter client. Apart from all the standard Twitter features like Retweets, Photo/ video uploading, URL shortening etc. you can actually manage more than one account using TweetCaster app. This app lets you save links to Instapaper, edit profiles, draft messages, threaded conversation, create lists and add geo-location to tweets. Must have Twitter app for WP7 if you are a power user.

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4. Beezz

Themed bluish and just like the official Twitter Windows Phone app, Beez sports a similar interface with standard features. Beez includes profile views, trending topics and also displays your last few followers list. The main highlight of Beez is notifications, when enabled will notify users when a new tweet, DM or mention is received.


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Beez Twitter WP7 App Timeline

5. Tweet It

Tweet it for Windows Phone 7 is apt for user who likes clutter free apps. It’s a simple app that lets you quickly tweet out messages and stay updated. Unlike other apps, Tweet it supports landscape mode but with something refreshing. When in landscape mode the UI changes as if you quickly switched to some other colorful app. The colorful tabs in landscape mode allows quick navigation between basic Twitter features.


Tweet It Windows Phone Icon

Tweet It Windows Phone Twitter App

6. moTweets

With Live tiles and multiple accounts support, moTweets is worth the short for Twitter power users. In addition to basic Twitter features moTweets also lets you forward tweets as SMS, view a profile with background image, email tweets. There is also an option to view all Twitter users near you based on the geo-location update info in their tweets.

moTweets Windows Phone Icon


moTweets Windows Phone Twitter App

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