WiFi Kill- Android App to Take Control of WiFi Network Nodes & Disable Internet

Android WiFi Hack

Google’s Android mobile platform is popular for the variety and options it offers. A rooted Android phone can be a power house of utility apps that can even take up the daunting tasks out there. No wonder Android OS is said to be geeks best companion or partner in crime. This Android app available for rooted phones can sniff open WiFi networks and disable internet for random connected devices on the same network.

WiFi Kill, an app for rooted (requests superuser access) Android phones lets you take control of an open WiFi network. This app once connected to a WiFi network can disable internet connection to some of the devices. What it does is send ARP reply to the devices on the same network thus fooling them to think that your phone is the router by mirroring. The network nodes then communicate with your phone and WiFi Kill drops the packet request to disable internet. This router mirroring concept is quite popular on desktops but it is the first time a smart phone is used to take control of networks this way.

The app interface and working is simple. Once after you install the app, grant supersuser root access from the splash screen. Now hit the ‘On’ button top to start connect and scanning to WiFi networks in your area. All the connected devices will then be listed along with name, IP and MAC address. Below the screen you will see the devices found and connected. Check the box next to IP address and voila internet to that device will be disabled. The app preferences lets you set the phone to vibrate when a new IP is found and the packet¬†reject method.

PS: This is just a proof-of-concept Android app and should never be misused.

WiFi Kill Network Scan

WiFi Kill Reject Method

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