How to Disable New Gmail Interface to Get Back Old Look

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Weeks back Google released a Chrome web app called Offline Gmail Mail that optimized Gmail interface for their Chromebooks and small screen netbooks along with an option to access mail without internet connection. And today they are updating their Gmail web interface to take user experience to the next level. With the new Gmail they are introducing a smarter navigation, streamlined conversation and elastic density. While smarter navigation imparts a whole new navigation experience, the elastic density feature automatically changes the space between various Gmail elements to make it more elegant.

New Gmail UI

Google added more white space to make it more cleaner. If you are not a fan of minimalistic interface and not happy with the elastic density that changes with screen sizes you may want to get back the old Gmail interface back.

Enable New Gmail:

Google is flashing a small tab below Gmail interface that lets you enable new Gmail UI. Switch to the new look by clicking on Switch to the new look in the bottom-right corner of Gmail.

Disable New Gmail:

Google also lets you disable or switch back to the old look/ interface. Navigate to the top-right of Gmail interface and click the Settings button for the drop down menu. Now select ‘Revert to the old look temporarily‘ to get back the old Gmail looks. Refresh the page or login again to get back the old interface.

Gmail Old Look

Watch the video demo of new Gmail UI:

3 Responses

  1. on leftie's side says:

    i’m on leftie’s side. my friend is left handed, and she hates it.

  2. HATE NEW GMAIL!!! says:

    It is NOT for left handed people-more like for crappy right-handed people. I loved the old gmail. I HATE that they changed it. If you want to pick on someone, pick on others of your kind. LEAVE LEFT-HANDED PEOPLE ALONE!!!

  3. Ex-Gmail says:

    Maybe this is more streamlined for left-brained, left-handed, or leftist users. Personally I would like the option to return to the non-fluff, non-crap, non-cluttered look of the original Gmail that I beta’d. It was a great email service then. Now, like so much of everything else Google is involved with, its cluttered, tries to second-guess what you type, and tracks all but your every keystroke. If I wanted this kind of nonsense I’d have stuck with yahoo or hotmail back in the 90s. Way to come ten years forward by going ten years backwards. Peace.

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