How to Remove the Deadly Duqu Rootkit Virus from Windows PC

Duqu Virus

The notorious Duqu virus is now the talk of the town. At least among the cyber experts. Duqu, considered to be the most threatening exploit after the Stuxnet, a piece of malicious software that created havoc on Iran’s nuclear program is now spreading rapidly infecting many Windows devices. Duqu came to the limelight when Symantec reported about it’s presence in India and officials ceased computer equipment from an IT firm in Mumbai, India. Microsoft acknowledged this and is gearing up to release an update soon. As a first step they released a temporary fix for it. Check this link.

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Duqu (because installer files are prefixed with DQ) as reported is spreading through Office Word email attachment that can expose your OS from where the rootkit can control at the kernel level. This Rootkit.Duqu.A malware is masked with a digitally stolen certificate which can even fool your Antivirus software and can inject keyloggers sending data to remote servers. The infected systems range from Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Server 2003, 2007 including both 32 and 64 bit versions.

BitDefender has released a tool to remove Rootkit.Duqu.A from PC infected with this malware. All you have to do is download (link below) and install their removal tool. It will then scan your Windows PC for Duqu virus and successfully remove it at root level. If you have trouble running this tool, right click to select ‘Run as Administrator’. Good to go.

BitDefender Duqu Removal Tool

Watch the video Rootkit.Duqu.A removal tool in action:

Download BitDefender Duqu Removal Tool



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