Facelock- Android 4.0 Face Unlock Alternative App for Nokia Symbian Phones

Android ICS Face Unlock

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Google is introducing a new lock screen with Face Unlock feature that lets you set face as password lock. We already published a post on an Android app that enables facial recognition password. The biometric facial recognition is a convenient way to unlock your Android device as you can avoid the burden of memorizing and typing long passwords. It is also a great way to step into the future by enabling this geeky tech on your phone. If you are an iOS user with a jailbroken iPhone tweak called RecognizeMe on Cydia already does this. But what can be done if you are a Symbian OS user. The good news if you are not an onlooker anymore as an app for Nokia Symbian phones exists.

Facelock is a free Symbian app in beta with which you can enable facial recognition on your phone. Download and install the app to set your face as lock. All you have to do is scan your face by placing it within the white rectangle. Hit ‘Lock Device’ to enable Facelock and later unlock by showing your face over phone camera. Note that the initial password set is “12345”. Facelock works well on Symbian 3 phones including Nokia N8, X6, X7-00, N97, N900, E7 and many other phones. Worth noting that Facelock even works on Symbian Anna and Belle OS.

Facelock Symbian App

Download Facelock Symbian App

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