Buffer- Quickly Schedule Twitter, Facebook Updates On Android, iOS

Android Buffer App

If you are a Twitter and Facebook power user then Buffer web app can be a real-time saver. This service lets you schedule tweets and Facebook  updates to send them automatically at a later time. Buffer not only lets you schedule messages but also displays analytics that sheds some light on your followers affinity towards timed updates. Buffer is free with options to add a single Twitter and Facebook account with up to 10 messages in buffer, which is good enough for casual use.

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Now the good news is you can do this from an Android phone using the official Buffer app. Also Buffer app developers are busy with iOS app development and you can expect it soon. But there exists an alternative way to schedule Twitter and Facebook messages from iOS. Read on.

Buffer for Android:

With Buffer Android app you can share content from other Android apps and then schedule it to share it with your Twitter and Facebook followers. Whether you are browsing a web page or accessing content on an app you can schedule or push it right away to Buffer. Just like Buffer web app their Android app too is dead simple. Simply login to your account to get two main tabs namely Buffer and Analytics on the top. While in Buffer tab swiping across the screen lets you switch between multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts connected to Buffer app. To draft a new Buffer message click on the icon on top right corner to schedule it. By click holding a Buffered message you can edit it and then schedule again. The impressions and clicks received for Buffer updates including Facebook likes and Twitter Re-Tweets can be ascertained from the Analytics tab.

Buffer Android Scheduled Messages


Buffer Android Message


Buffer for iOS:

Until the native iOS app is made available for public consumption you can send an email to add@to.bufferapp.com with the subject as your tweet and the link you want in your tweet as the body. The same holds true if you want to schedule a Facebook update. That message along with the link will then be added to Buffer queue successfully which can be tweaked via web app. To quickly add a web page with title and link to buffer hit ‘+’ button on iOS Safari browser while surfing online. Select send via email and then compose the buffer message as mentioned above.

Buffer iOS Mail

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