How-to Set Up Android ICS Face Unlock Facial Recognition Feature [Video]

Android 4.0 Face Unlock

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich flavor Google is introducing a new way to unlock your smart phones. Starting with the mighty Galaxy Nexus, facial recognition feature called Face Unlock will be an integral part of Android OS. This smart unlock feature will eventually turn out to be the front end or the interface with which you interact even before getting hands on apps. Indeed a step forward towards the future of smart phone technology.

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Setting up Face Unlock facial password on Android ICS is pretty simple. Just open Settings and then select Security to get access to Screen Lock. Here you have all the old Android lock screen features plus the all new Face Unlock tab. Click Face Unlock and then set it up by holding  your phone like a mirror in front of you. Now hold the phone steady and have your face inside the dots that fill up around your face in an oval shape. Once done click continue to set up a backup lock. As a backup you can either set Pattern or PIN lock so that if Face Unlock fails you will still have access to your phone. Now on when your phone goes to lock mode Face Unlock will jump in and only if a proper match is found it lets the user in.

Be sure to set up Face Unlock under proper lighting conditions or else your phone may fail to recognize your face. If you are still confused and want to have a video tour of the whole setup process then watch the official tut from Google after the break.

Watch the video of Face Unlock feature on Galaxy Nexus:


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  1. Matt says:

    I received the ICS update yesterday to my Nexus S and do not see a option for facial recognition in the screen unlock menu.

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