TED Downloader- Easily Download 1000+ TED.com Videos in a Single Click [Updated]

TED Downloader Windows

If you have watched any TED video that get published on the official TED.com website at least once then you would probably know how awesome this TED is. TED videos are great source of information and inspiration almost instantly. Hearing great things from industrial leaders or great entrepreneurs out there can sure be a life changer and that is why TED.com exists. TED website provides a download button on all videos up there allowing TED fanatics (aka people who wish to innovate) to cache it to computer for offline viewing. With all the videos in there deserving our attention, downloading them individually can be time-consuming. If you want to download almost all the 1000+ videos uploaded to TED servers here is an awesome tool you can count on.

With TED Downloader, a free tool available for Windows you can download the complete set of videos available on TED.com. It includes 1000+ videos and the best part is with this tool you can even set the video quality before downloading. It is to be noted that by switching between Low, Regular and High video qualities the file download size will also change by a significant amount. I would suggest ‘Regular’ video quality as it is fair enough and consumable on almost all devices. After selecting the video quality, all you have to do is select a download folder and hit ‘Get Ted Talks’. TED Downloader will then start downloading videos one by one with a status and a progress bar displayed below the app.

All TED videos are downloaded in .mp4 format and saved on to hard disk in separate folders. In each folder there will be a text file that bears video information including the title, homepage, date, duration and direct download link. TED Downloader tool developer also went ahead with a sneak peek to his future plans. The enhancements include an option to selectively download videos and download videos with subtitles. Way to go.

Update: As promised by the developer an updated TED Downloader v2 is available now. It includes many useful features that make it worth the disk space. With options to sort and select to download TED Talks you can make sure only your favorites are being cached on to computer. The download links can also be exported and there is an option to add proxy servers.

TED Downloader Windows


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