Fileboard- Must Have iPad App for Gmail & Dropbox Power Users

FileBoard iPad Attachment

Gmail is the most popular email service out there and without doubt one can say Dropbox rules among the cloud based offerings. If you are on a desktop these two services when used together can be a time saver. Especially when the file attachments in Gmail can be backed on to Dropbox and vice versa. Yes, many web services now revolve around cloud that not only backs up your important data but also provides on the fly syncing options. But that is not the case when it comes to Apple iPad. Apple by default doesn’t entertain access to folders and limits functionalities to third-party apps. As a result you can’t attach files to email messages you send from an iOS device, be it from the native client or the official Gmail app. If you are using an iPad be sure to check out Fileboard.

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Fileboard is a free iPad app that enhances the workflow and lets users manage all files stored on cloud. Fileboard integrates Gmail, Dropbox and Evernote functionalities into a single app there by allowing you to attach files stored on Dropbox in Gmail messages or save Gmail attachments to Evernote and Dropbox. It’s one stop app for all your file managment needs when on an iPad. After installing Fileboard on iPad you are supposed to grant access to your Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox and social sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While adding at least one Gmail account is necessary you may leave out Step 2 (pic below) as it is to enrich your contact data.

Adding Dropbox and Evernote account to Fileboard is the key feature here. Once done you can then attach files before sending Gmail messages. Also the messages that hit your Gmail inbox can be saved on to Dropbox or Evernote account for accessing it from any other devices running them.

Fileboard Add Account

Once after granting access to your Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote and other networking sites you will have an interface where all your Gmail messages that hits inbox are displayed in categories. The emails with Attachments, Newsletters and Messages are all automatically arranged into separate rows where each message is displayed as tiles. The email messages can also be arranged based on Unread, Read and Starred messages too by selecting tabs on top of the screen. Click on any message to open it in full screen and you will have all the regular mail options including Forward, Reply, Reply all, Delete etc.

Fileboard iPad Interface

Hit the compose mail button to start drafting a message. In the Attachments tab hit the ‘Select attachments’ button to add files to Gmail messages from Dropbox. Now select Dropbox and navigate to the folder where your file resides and select to attach it to Gmail.

Fileboard iPad Gmail

To save messages or Gmail attachments to Dropbox or Evernote, while the message is open click Dropbox or Evernote icon towards left side to save. There will be an option to save message and attachment individually or both together in a single click. Select the desired Dropbox folders and hit save. All messages will be saved as .html files while the attachments are left intact.

Fileboard Save Gmail Attachment

Download Fileboard for iPad

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