How to Add Emoji Emoticons to iOS 5 Messages Without Jailbreaking

Emoji iOS 5 iPhone Emoticons

Unlike IM clients like Yahoo! Messenger and Skype these native messaging apps found in mobile platforms often don’t support smiley’s or emoticons out of the box. Same holds true for iOS device including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But as you know smileys enrich your text messages and can convey much more than what plain text can do. That being said, it seems with the introduction of iOS 5 update Apple is hiding something sweeter under the hood.

Emoji, the¬†picture characters or what is commonly known as emoticons used in messages and other such apps is now an integral part of iOS. Apple integrated Emoji into iOS 5 such that you don’t need manual installation of Emoji apps available in iTunes store. Emoji in iOS 5 has been integrated to keyboard and is available as a keyboard layout which can be enabled from settings. Follow the steps below to enable and start using Emoji to convey messages using picture icons.

How to enable and start using Emoji Emoticons (Smiley) in iOS 5 messages:

1. Go to Settings> General > Keyboard > International Keyboards.

2. Now select ‘Add New Keyboard..’ and scroll down until you see ‘Emoji’. Select Emoji.

iPhone iOS Emoji

3. Done.

Now on when you use native iOS keyboard on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for messaging you can quickly access Emoji keyboard layout by hitting the keyboard icon next to space bar thrice. Emoji keyboard includes Smiley, Places, Animals, Flowers and other objects that convey messages much better than text. The entire Emoji icon set can be accessed by swiping through once after selecting a particular category. All the recently accessed emoticons will be available under the first tab that bears a clock icon. Click on the global keyboard button again to switch to standard English or other language keyboard layout.

Emoji iPhone Keyboard


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