How to Create Apps Folder In Android Ice Cream Sandwich [Video]

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Android apps ecosystem is getting better day by day and is now comparable to iOS not because of the number of available apps but because of the quality of apps it is offering lately. And when there are hundreds of free quality apps available its management on your Android phone requires attention. That is what exactly Google is levelling by introducing Folders feature in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich flavor. The apps folder feature that was available on iOS for quite a long time is now available on Android too.

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Like in iOS you can group similar apps that belong to a category together and name it. Many such group of apps when placed on your Android ICS home screens lets you save time and increase productivity. To create an apps folder just tap and hold on an app. Now drag and drop it on another app that belong to the same category you that wish have in a single folder. Once after dropping the app you will see a folder being created and you can tap to open it to name it. By default the folders will be labelled as ‘Unamed Folder’ and you can hit that name to rename it. Note that if apps spread across different screens you can drag those apps across screen by swiping it towards right or left side based on where the parent folder is located. If that doesn’t help you can watch the official Google Android team video tutorial after the break.

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How to Create a Folder in Android 4.0 ICS [Video]:


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