How to Quickly Restore Closed Tabs on Safari Browser for iPad [Tip]

iPad Safari Tip

The tablets being mid-sized devices can result in accidental clicks that might lead to loss of valuable time while on the move. Imagine you opening many tabs on Safari browser for iPad and later on accidentally closing some of the tabs. Safari browser for iPad automatically restores all open tabs if you close the app but to reopen accidentally closed tabs you still have to access browsing history. But if you want to quickly gain access to closed tabs without opening browsing (or exposing history to strangers) history then this less known tip will help you.

While in Safari browser tap and hold the + icon you see to the right most side of tabs for the ‘Recently Closed Tabs’ to pop up. Now from there you can quickly open closed tabs by selecting web sites. Note that only the last 5 closed tabs can be reopened in this manner and all the others should be searched from under browsing history. A useful little tip for Safari power users.


iPad Safari Closed Tabs

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