Enhance Android ICS Stock Browser With Extra Controls, Volume Key Scrolling

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If you have used the stock browser present in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich you know how cool it is. In fact Android stock browsers have been good right from the initial days and it significantly improved with the advent of Android 2.3 Gingerbread version. With features like offline mode, incognito tab, Bandwidth management, form auto-fill and the super cool ‘Quick controls’ lab feature present in Ice Cream Sandwich stock browser app doesn’t need replacement. But if you are a power user looking for add-on features then this stock browser may disappoint you owing to the fact that you cannot use add-ons like in Dolphin browser. Meet ICS Browser+ app for Android phones.

With ICS Browser+ app installed you can add three new features to the stock Android browser. But note that ICS Browser+ is a separate app and these add-ons exists only on this browser and not on the stock Android browser. The new features include an extra layer of quick controls, User Agent Strings and an option to scroll through pages using volume keys.

ICS Browser+ Android Controls


To enable extra controls go to Settings> Labs and enable it. Now when on a web page you can slide the thumb from left or right edge to open quick controls. The added control features include Refresh, Back, Forward etc. Also both the User Agents and Volume Keys features can be enabled from Settings> Advanced. The User Agent Strings can emulate iPhone, iPad, Desktop, Honeycomb browsers while on ICS Browser+. To scroll up and down while on a web page use volume rocker which is smooth and saves a lot of time.

ICS Browser+ Advanced Settings

ICS Browser+ Scroll


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