How to Quickly Kill iOS Processes Running in Backgroud [No Jailbreak]

iPhone Multitasking Apps

If you are an iPhone or iPad user you probably know the concept of multitasking apps and how to close those apps running in background. But iOS 5 by default only lets you close apps running in background individually (double-tap home button) and no way you can close all apps (or processes) at once. According to Apple multitasking apps are perfectly ok (not a memory hog) and you don’t need to close them always unless you encounter some misbehaving apps. And these multitasking apps maybe in suspended state, running, or even completely inactive which is automatically taken care of by iOS. But still if you want to close those apps, that too in a single shot this iOS app called Process Killer can be handy.

As the name suggest Process Killer, a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad displays all the background processes along with memory consumption. Also the PID, Process name, Priority and actual running time is listed in a neat table for you to gaze upon. If you are a novice and just wanted to kill all apps at once look no further and simply swipe down or shake app to kill them all. Apps will then be removed one by one to free up memory and finally even Process Killer app commits suicide on it’s on. Note that Process Killer stops processes running in background to free up memory but all the apps will still be shown under multitasking tray and you will have to remove it individually if required. Use this app only if you are facing a delayed response on your iOS device.

Process Killer iPad

Download Process Killer for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Free]

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