Google Translate Android App Now Supports Handwriting Recognition Feature

Google Translate Handwriting Recognition Android

Google’s Translate team has been busy with their apps for mobile platforms. Recently they updated Translate UI for iPad and now they are introducing handwriting recognition in Translate for Android app. Starting with Google Translate 2.3.1 for Android, Google is taking the whole language translation concept to the next level with an option to write language symbols instead of voice or text input that is already available. With handwriting recognition in place you can now input languages that were previously difficult to use with Translate app by voice or text for that matter. Google Translate now supports handwriting recognition for 7 languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese. This is useful especially when dealing with languages like¬†Chinese and Japanese that is not easy to input by voice or text.

To start using handwriting recognition make sure you have installed the latest Google Translate 2.3.1 for Android. Once after installing launch the app and you will have the updated UI with thew new handwriting recognition feature button next to voice input button. But before start using, go to ‘Settings’ by hitting the icon on top of the app and ‘Handwriting’ menu. Select all the languages you for which you would like to enable handwriting recognition. Now select the input and output languages from Translate UI. Once done click the handwriting button for the writing pad to pop up. There you can write anything related to the input language you have chosen and then hit the right arrow button below the app. The Translate app will then automatically convert it to the output language just like what you do with voice or text input.

Handwriting recognition feature in Google translate is very useful when you are traveling and come across words that you can’t read. This is also a great language tool for those who wish to excel in various foreign languages.

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