How to Get Local UK Phone Number for Free Using Spikko

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There are premium services like Skype-In using which you can secure a local number in foreign countries. But it costs anywhere between $10 to $20 for a months service. Be it for free or cost, having a local number in other country provide your relatives, friends or clients residing there with an alternative number that when dialed connects to you anywhere in the world. The local phone number you procure is redirected or mapped to your primary number outside the country from where it is being purchased. If you happen to be a UK resident travelling abroad or someone who owns a business in the UK then a local UK number can be a money saver for your friends and clients. They can still contact you for the cost of a local call which they would make to any other phone in their native place. Not only that you can use this new number for registering for UK only services too.

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Spikko, an internet telephony service provider is giving away local UK phone numbers for free. The best part you can redirect it to your primary phone in up to 40 countries including US, India, China, Pakistan, Canada etc. This feature is not available with other major players in market as they redirect calls to PC or mobile clients only and not to your landline/ mobile phone. That said once after you register with Spikko when someone in the UK call you to this newly registered number all they have to spend is cost of a local call. The registration is dead simple and you can quickly redirect Spikko UK number to your landline or mobile phone number within minutes.

A quick search revealed that Spikko is using Manx Telecom’s network and 076 series of UK numbers. While calls to these numbers are cheap from other popular service providers in the UK, Spikko had this message flashing while registering: “calling Spikko numbers is in your inclusive minutes with O2 and Orange. Other networks may charge an additional fee .” So make sure you are not being over charged.

Spikko UK Phone Register

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