Phone to Chrome App to Quickly Send URLs from Android to Desktop

Android Phone to Chrome

In this era of connected devices no one wants their devices to be alienated instead wants a close interaction. Talking about smart phones, on the ones powered by Android there are many apps and services that facilitates such a connected experience. There are Android phones and tablets in various form factors and some of these large screen devices offers a seamless reading experience on it. While there exists Chrome browser extensions that lets you quickly send URLs from browser to Android powered devices for on the go reading experience, the vice versa though possible is not popular among the community. May be because official Google tools are available for sending links from Chrome to Phone only.

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Apps required:

  1. Google Chrome extension
  2. Android app
  3. Dropbox service to sync.

Phone 2 Google Chrome browser is a free app available for Android phones that lets you quickly send URLs to desktop running Chrome. This plugin makes use of Dropbox sync feature to continuously beam links shared from phone to Chrome browser. To get started install this Android app and Chrome extension. Once after installing, login and give access to your Dropbox box account to authorize both Android app and Chrome extension.

Phone 2 Google Chrome Android

Phone 2 Chrome Extension Dropbox

On Android app you can start sharing clicking ‘Start Sharing’ button or select a link from browser history. On clicking on either of the link opens up the Android share menu from where you can select ‘Phone 2 Google Chrome’ and the link is shared in background. Now on Chrome desktop app when you hit the extension button on browser bar the shared webpage will be loaded in a new tab. Alternately you can have all the shared URLs automatically launched on Chrome by enabling it in extension options page. To access options page click on Phone 2 Google Chrome extension button on browser and select ‘Options’. All opened pages can be viewed under ‘History’.

Android to Chrome Share

Note that Android app creates a new folder called ‘phone2chrome’ and a file inside it that stores and sync links to Chrome desktop app. If you have installed Dropbox on desktop make sure you don’t delete that folder.

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