Rightinbox- Schedule Emails in Gmail Using Chrome, Firefox Add-ons

RightInbox Schedule Gmail

If there is one feature that is missing in Gmail, the most popular email service out there it ought to be scheduling feature. Gmail by default doesn’t support email scheduling and to do that users had to rely on third-party apps that supported this feature. That being said here is an awesome new service that lets you schedule messages on Gmail without altering the existing ecosystem. Meet RightInbox, an awesome browser add-on that lets you magically schedule emails in Gmail.

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With RightInbox Chrome extension and Firefox add-on you can add a ‘Send Later’ button to Gmail interface that enables message scheduling. The best part is Rightinbox does this without altering the default look and feel of Gmail. To be precise it adds a new button with the label ‘Send Later’ right next to the default ‘Send’ button in Gmail. And by hitting ‘Send Later’, RightInbox allows its users quickly schedule an email after few hours or at a specific time.

Once after you install and grant access to your Gmail account, to schedule an email all you have to do is click ‘Compose’ just like you usually do and fill all the fields. After that hit ‘Send Later’ and select the appropriate tab to schedule it.

RightInbox Gmail UI

By default you can delay an email by 1, 2 and 4 hours or send it the next day (morning or afternoon). But if you want to schedule it on a specific date and time select the last option and wait for the pop-up window with more options.

RightInbox Send Later

Here choose a specific date & time from the drop down menu. If you want to change the timezone you can do that from the third field and then hit schedule. This mail will then be moved to drafts section of Gmail and will reside there till the scheduled date and time. RightInbox also displays the time stamp associated with each scheduled message in subjects field to let users know when it’s due. Also the scheduled mail time and date can be changed by following the above steps again. The sent emails will be automatically moved from ‘Drafts’ to ‘Sent Mail’ section once after it is delivered on the specific time.

RightInbox Schedule Email

Watch RightInbox for Gmail in action:


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