Charge Bar- Display Battery Status Bar on Top/ Bottom of Android Screen

ChargeBar Android Battery Bar

The battery status bar on top of Android screen doesn’t throw much information to users. In fact the battery status icon is too small and judging remaining battery backup from it would be a tedious task. Also apps that utilize the entire screen for its functioning hides the battery icon or the top indicator bar for that matter. In such crisis this app called Charge Bar for Android can be useful.

Charge Bar is a customizable battery status bar with the idea originally borrowed from MIUI ROM (popular third-party Android ROM). Unlike other battery bars available for Android, ChargeBar displays a thick screen wide bar that lets users know the exact battery charge remaining. Not only that, Charge Bar can be fully customized with an option to change size, color, opacity and position of the bar. This bar can also be set to animate in sync with charging status of your Android phone. Read on.

ChargeBar Battery Bar Top

Head over to Charge Bar settings by simply launching the app. Firstly, tap on the tab on top to turn on Charge Bar. Charge Bar can be set to load every time you boot Android, to hide it when using full screen apps, hide in lock screen and animate while connected to power source for charging.

ChargeBar Android Settings

Charge Bar color can be customized with a full on color palette available from where you can easily select a suitable match for your Android theme. Also the height/ thickness of the bar along with position can be adjusted. Charge Bar allows its users to display it on top, bottom and just below status bar.

Charge Bar Android Color

ChargeBar Android Position

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