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There are many Android apps available out there that lets users upload and sync files to Dropbox including the official app. But most of them basically offers the same features one way or the other. And the ones that differ or offers something unique deserves mention. Here is one such Dropbox app for Android with an interface that lets users upload files to Dropbox by a simple drag-and-drop gesture.

Install FileDrop on your Android phone and you get to upload or download files to Dropbox by dragging and dropping. Not only that File Drop also supports drag-and-drop file sharing via email and a quick link feature to obtain direct link to Dropbox files. The uploaded and downloaded files can also be deleted from File Drop UI. For this File Drop features two modes namely ‘Mail Mode’ and ‘Link Mode’ includes two separate windows that supports drag-and-drag gesture. In short you can upload files, get Dropbox files direct links and quickly share files all with few finger gestures.

To start with launch FileDrop and grant access to your Dropbox account. Once done you will see all your Dropbox files and folders on top half of your screen. On the bottom half you will see Android system folders and other files you have on your phone. There are three other hidden panes that can be swiped from left side of the screen to make it active. These are Mail Mode, Upload Download List and Link Mode user interface.

To upload files to Dropbox simply tap and hold file icon from the Android folders below the screen to drop in onto the Dropbox window. Make sure you have selected the right Dropbox folder first. Here in our case we created a folder called ‘File Drop’. Similarly files can be downloaded from a Dropbox folder to your Android phone by dragging icons down the screen.

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To view all the upload and download status pull the cloud button with an up or down lightening symbol on it placed towards the middle of the UI. That is the pane where all upload/ download progress is listed. The file name along with transfer percentage for the file being uploaded or downloaded will be displayed there.

FileDrop Upload List

To access Mail Mode and Link Mode pull the first and third cloud icons respectively. When active, drag-and-drop files from the other side for sharing files via email as attachment using Android share feature and to obtain the direct access link to Dropbox files for sharing on networking sites.

FileDrop Android Link Mode

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