Split-Screen View on Windows 8 to Use Metro Apps And Desktop Side-By-Side [Tip]

Windows 8 Split Screen


Note: A minimum horizontal screen resolution of 1336 pixels is required to enable this feature.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been released and is available for download now. The main highlight of Windows 8 is the all new Metro UI popular on their Windows Phone counterpart and apps that comes pre-loaded with this tablet optimized OS. Apart from the apps pre-loaded on it, Windows 8 features an app store from where you can download and install apps to the Metro-style Start screen. That being said Microsoft has tailored Windows 8 in such a way that the Metro Start screen and the classic Desktop with apps feel like a two separate OS bolted together with Charms bar. Charms bar like you know is a universal ‘Search’ available on Windows 8 that allows users quickly search for Metro apps when on Desktop. Charms bar can be accessed by hitting Win+C or by moving the cursor to the top or bottom right corner of your computer screen.

In order to enhance user experience and productivity there is this useful feature on Windows OS called split-screen view that allows users to have both Metro apps and desktop side-by-side. This way you can fully utilize the screen estate by working on multiple apps simultaneously. The split screen viewing can be enabled quickly and to be precise you can have two Metro-style apps or one Metro-style app and one classic app on the desktop side-by-side. But there is a catch here. To enable split screen view feature you should have a screen with minimum screen resolution of 1336 horizontal pixels. If you happen to satisfy that you can go ahead and try enabling it.

How to enable Windows 8 split screen view:

To enable this feature all you have to do is touch (if on a tablet or a touch based device) or hover and click to select an app on the left side of your computer screen when more than one application is running in the background. Now click and hold the app you want to have on split screen view and drag it to the right or left side and release the mouse button. Good to go.

Windows 8 Split Screen Enable

Windows 8 Split Screen View

Once done you will have a split-screen view with your desktop on one side with Metro app on the other side utilizing the full screen size. Here you can resize the screen size by dragging the slider that separates these screens. Also you can quickly close either of the app by simply dragging the app down from the top edge of the screen. Repeat the aforementioned steps to add another Metro app to enable split-screen view again.

Windows 8 Metro Desktop ViewWindows 8 Screen Split View


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