Windows 8 Tool to Change Default Start Button on Charms Bar

Windows 8 New Logo

Update: This tool has been updated and is now available with more options. Read this post.

The legacy Windows Orb or start button has been removed and is no more available in Windows 8. In fact Microsoft has introduced other features to replace it. Windows 8 features four hot corners that allows users switch between Metro apps and classic desktop quickly. To ease out the app switching task in Windows 8 there is something called Charms bar on right side of the screen than show up when you hover mouse over top or bottom right corners of your computer screen. And at the center of this Charms bar lies the ‘Start’ button when clicked leads you to the Metro-style Start Screen. The icon used for Start is the metro version of new Windows 8 logo that animates and changes color on mouse hover. But if you want to replace it with your own icon then this tool can do the trick.

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WCP Start Button (link below) tool for Windows 8 can replace the default Start button icon and animation color with a custom one. After downloading and installing WCP Start Button tool all you have to do is select your own images. The icons namely Default, Hover and the animation color together forms the new Start button. Note that the recommended Smart button image size is 86px X 86 px. To upload click on the default images on WCP Start tool and select an icon stored on your computer. The built-in color pallet allows the use of a custom colored Start button animation. Make sure you hit the ‘Apply new settings’ button after this tweak. This tweak can also restored to default settings from WCP Start Button tool.

The icons shown in the image below can be downloaded from here (white) and here (black).

WCP Start Button Windows 8

Windows 8 Start Charms Bar

Download WCP Start Button for Windows 8

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