Siine- Dynamic Android Keyboard With Custom Shortcuts for Faster Typing

Siine Keyboard Android App

There are many keyboard apps available for Android OS that allows users to quickly punch in text and get work done easily. It includes the popular swiping keyboad Swype and text predicting keyboard Swiftkey. While all these apps are unique in feature what it basically does is the same, that is help ease out typing  job on a small screen device. But what if you want to spice up things a bit and have fun while typing that too without losing focus. Here is Siine keyboard for Android that not only lets you type faster but also add personality to your messages.

Siine keyboard is a cool keyboard available for Android 2.2+ (including Ice Cream Sandwich) phones and tablet devices that features a stylish new way of texting while having fun. What makes this app different from the native Android keyboard and some of the other popular apps is the custom icon shortcuts feature available called ‘Siines’on it. Siine app features fully customizable icons that enables faster typing just with few finger taps.

While the keyboard looks like and features the native ICS theme it is basically a combination of predictive texting with a heavy dose of icon shortcuts. There are icons for each and everything. In a hurry and don’t have to reply back? Quickly switch to stress message screen by hitting the botton on the bottom right corner and then selecting the second icon set. Siine keyboard also includes a clock and calendar ‘Siine’ that lets you text about time, date without the burden of typing multiple alphabets/ symbols. There are many slang sets that lets you add personality to your messages with a click of a button. Each slang icon set consists of many icons with each having three messages attached to it for faster typing. Apart from the default slang sets available in Siine app you can also install many more from the online gallery. Hit the ‘Get Set’ while swipe towards right when on slang set bar. Siine also lets you create icon sets by setting an icon image, predefined text messages for each of the three key presses. While on a slang set swipe to the right most side and hit ‘Create’ your own icon with messages. Another useful feature in this app is called Sexy Delete that lets you quickly delete what you have already typed by a simple wiggle across the screen. To do that long press on the backspace button on Siine keyboard and wiggle on-screen.

Siine keyboard for Android with all apps including the popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, native email client etc. Make sure you set Siine as your default keyboard on Android by heading over to System Settings> Language & Input> Keyboard & Input Methods.

Siine Android App


Siine Keyboard Android

Features of Siine keyboard for Android:

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