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Even though professional social networks like LinkedIn are being embraced by companies for recruitment, CVs or resumes are still relevant in this internet age. There is nothing more effective and satisfying than handing your elegant CV to the top job seekers. That being said Microsoft Word is a popular choice when it comes to resume creation and editing. But to work with Word and style your resume docs you need to have basic editing skills. Moreover first timers would be ignorant about the CV format and find it difficult to create one. If you are in search of an alternative service that lets you quickly and easily create professional looking resumes then CVmaker is a sure bet.

CVMaker is a free website that allows users to create simple and elegant CVs or resumes in no time. Not only that you can also download CVs to your computer as a PDF or HTML file. CVmaker features few simple resume templates that simplifies the whole process. To start with all you have to do is create an account with cvmaker and then login. Once in you will see a ‘Create a new CV’ button on top of the page. Click that tab to name, edit and style our CV. On the left side of resume editor you have all the necessary fields that need to be filled including your Objective, Basic Information, Work Experience, Qualifications, Education, Interests and References. If you want to add more section in your CV hit the ‘Add a new section’ button below the page. Also you can edit the name of existing sections by clicking on the red edit icon when on that section.

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After you are done adding all details hit ‘Quick Preview’ button and select a template. CVMaker now features three simple templates namely Executive, Elegant and Bold. Select either one of the template to preview and if you happy with the results go ahead, download it to your computer. Hit ‘Save & Download’ and choose a style. After that from the drop down menu choose PDF or HTML and click ‘Ok’. The file will then be downloaded to your PC.

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Here are sample CVs in ExecutiveElegant and Bold styles.

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