Play Angry Birds Space Game (Full Version) for Free on Windows PC

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The latest version of Angry Birds christened Angry Birds Space was recently made available on all major platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. While the game is refreshing and addictive Android version of the app is free (with ads) and iPhone app costs just $.99. But that is not the case with Mac and Windows apps where prices go up to $5.95. If you are not happy with the price and don’t want to shell out bucks here is what you can do right now to play Angry Birds Space for free on your desktop.

The BlueStacks Player (Beta) available for Windows PC lets you install and load Android apps. We have already published a post on how to install and use WhatsApp on Windows [link]. Likewise even Angry birds Space being a free app on Android (with ads) can be installed on Windows. Once installed you can play the full version as seen on an Android device but the advantage here being on a large screen. Here is what you should do to install and start playing Angry Birds Space on Windows.

Download and install the latest version of BlueStacks Player (Beta). Now launch the app and you will see BlueStacks dock on top your computer screen. From the dock you can either select ‘Popular downloads’ to select Angry Birds Space and start downloading it. Or if you don’t find it there, head over to ‘App stores’, select an app store and search for Angry Birds Space in it. Now download the app and wait for it to automatically install on BlueStacks Player. Once done you will see Angry Birds Space app in the ‘My Apps’ section that can accessed from the dock. Click to load the app and start playing. Use your mouse to pull and release the ultimate weapon, catapult. Also you can access in app settings by hitting the menu button below the player. Get started.

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Angry Birds BlueStacks Player

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  1. thanks but i got probliem in downloading it is not being downloaded ?? please help !!!

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