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This new breed of tablet devices are changing the way we consume digital content. And Apple’s iPad is a front-runner when it comes to features that caters an awesome reading experience on the go. Be it for entertainment or getting things done, there is an iOS app for each and everything. Also iOS for iPad includes features like Reader (in Safari browser), iBooks and Newstand that provides a seemless experience when reading eBooks, magazines or web pages.

If you are looking forward to reading Indian (and international) daily newspapers on your iPad or Android tablets then this app called PressReader is a sure bet. PressReader available for iOS and Android can automatically deliver upto 2000 newspapers in ePaper format on to your tablet device daily. But it comes with a heavy price tag of $.99 per issue or $29 per month for unlimited number of ePapers. An alternate free source to access and read digital ePaper version of Indian newspapers on your tablet device would be bookmark this page as you will find links to all major Indian national dailies.

While most of the ePapers are optimized for tablet devices some even provides a pdf version for downloading to take it offline.

How to save and open pdf in iBooks:

When you access and open a pdf file link in iOS Safari browser you will see a tab on top of the screen that reads ‘Open in “iBooks”. Hit that to save and open pdf in iBooks app. Alternatively you can also click ‘Open in…’ tab to save and open pad files in other apps installed on your iPad. But with pdf saved to iBooks you not only get an offline access but also to read and flip through pages that promises all native iOS features.

iPad Safari iBooks


Times of India [ePaper link]

All editions of The Times of India published from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow and Kochi are available online in ePaper version. Their website allows readers to select Times of India and edition to start reading it online. While the online e-reader is desktop friendly it requires bit patience to zoom each page and read. But TOI provides a pdf version link that lets you download each page and open in your favorite pdf reader including iBooks, Adobe Reader etc. Once you have the pdf version in iBooks then you can read it offline.

Times Of India iPad ePaper

Economic Times [ePaper link]

The Economic Times being a property of the same Times group that owns TOI it can be accessed and read from the same link. The ePaper version of Economic Times can be read on your iPad and other tablet device as mentioned above in the case of Times of India. The Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata editions are available right now.

Economic Times iPad ePaper


The Indian Express [ePaper link]

The Indian Express ePaper version is very well optimized for your iPad. Select an edition and start reading by clicking on the news that interests you. The Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Lucknow editions are available now. There is a quick navigation tab on top your screen that floats from where you can jump to different pages if the swipe feature fails to impress you. While accessing The Indian Express ePaper link from a desktop browser you will see a pdf download link on each page which when clicked download that page to your computer. It can then manually transferred to your iPad or use services like Dropbox to sync and have an offline copy.

Indian Express iPad ePaper

Deccan Chronicle [iPad app]

Deccan Chronicle is the only newspaper that is available in the form an ePaper app. This simple app lets you access their Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad edition of newspaper right on your finger tip. The allows pinch zoom feature and the native dictionary support is a boost while reading.

Deccan Chronicle iPad ePaper

Hindustan Times [ePaper link]

To deliver a free ePaper version, Hindustan Times uses PressReader’s web app called PressDisplay. Head over to ePaper page you will be prompted to select an edition to start reading. Select and wait for it to load. While it is readable, this digital version doesn’t allow you to zoom and while doing that text becomes pixellated. But if you access this page from desktop you can download the full ePaper to your computer and transfer it to iPad for offline access. The digital versions of Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, Mumbai, Bhopal and Lucknow editions of Hindustan Times is available at the time of drafting this post.

Hindustan Times iPad ePaper


The Hindu and Business Line

Both The Hindu and Business Line though popular doesn’t provide a free ePaper version of their dailies. Instead they provide a subscription based model where interested readers can pay their fee upfront and read ePapers daily. But it is very cheap when compared to PressReader service price tags. If you don’t want to shell out bucks then the good news is The Hindu newspaper content is available online on their website in blog posts form. Not all news are there but many from different editions of The Hindu from across the nation. Read them here.

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