Synchronize: Simple Time Shifting iOS App to Check Time Across Multiple Time Zones


Enter iOS apps store and you can find hundreds of time zone apps that lets you perform a time shift. But you will find most of the apps available out there are not intuitive let alone features. Time shifting app if simple can be a handy tool for frequent travelers or media personals who attend events happening in other countries. And if  you are in search of a dead simple time zone app to check time in different countries with respect to local time then this iOS app called Synchronize does the job very well. It’s simple and as the name suggests keeps different time zones in sync.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, Synchronize features a Windows Phone like Metro theme with clear typography for the best experience. With this iOS app you can perform a time shift with up to 3 time zones apart from the local time. There are over 400 cities included in Synchronize app and can be used interchangeably.

Using Synchronize app is pretty simple. All you have to do is tap “+” icon on top to add prefered cities other than your local zone which is by default in the list. Now select local times zone and swipe the timeline to shift time in sync. This will display time in other zones with respect your local time. Also get to know about the day and time of day which auto syncs when you swipe across zones. Alternately you can tap to select a time zone other than local zone to watch time and date. Just tap on clock icon to reset to local time.

Synchronize iPad iOS

Synchronize iPad App

Download Synchronize for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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