Auto Download Favorite SoundCloud Tracks to Desktop As MP3 via Dropbox

SoundCloud to Dropbox

SoundCloud, the most popular audio distribution platform never ceases to surprise people in search of quality music. It provides musicians and enthusiasts a platform to share music tracks and unique recordings with thousands of SoundCloud users worldwide. Having a SoundCloud account lets users follow renowned artists to stay updated to their music. That being said SoundCloud also allows users to like and download an audio file in mp3 format to desktop, provided public downloading is enabled by the copyright owner. While liking or downloading music to your computer to listen to it offline is a wise idea here is something that is much more wiser.

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Using IFFT task you can automate the process of downloading favorite songs you like on SoundCloud to your computer. This with the help of Dropbox you not only get an offline copy but also an option for streaming on third-party apps that integrates Dropbox. More on how to set-up IFTTT task after the break.

How to auto download SoundCloud files to Dropbox:

First of all makes sure you have an account with IFTTT. Login to IFTTT and go to this recipe page to get started. If you’ve not yet authorized IFTTT access to your SoundCloud and Dropbox accounts grant access now. Moving on under the ‘Review & complete action’ section with ‘File URL’ unaltered, punch in a suitable name in ‘Dropbox folder path’ field. For eg. entering ‘SoundCloud’ will automatically create a folder named SoundCloud in root of your Dropbox account. Similarly if you want to save clips to some other already exiting folder then enter the path carefully. Don’t forget to use ‘Username’ Addin that creates sub-folders based on SoundCloud author name which is very useful when you are following many users. Simply select ‘Username’ from the Addin drop down menu and then hit the blue colored add button below it. Now create this task by clicking ‘Create task’.

SoundCloud Dropbox IFTTT Task

The audio files in mp3 format downloaded to your computer will have a random string as its name, but can be changed from ID3 tag properties as it gives the original file name. Also IFTTT sets a 30  MB file size limit which is more than enough if you are trying to download a regular short music and not a lengthy podcast.

SoundCloud Dropbox
The best part is if the author has disabled downloading, an html file will be saved to SoundCloud Dropbox folder which when opened leads to that particular track on for you to start playing.

SoundCloud Dropbox Folder

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