Magic Reader: Touch-Free iPad Book Reader App to Flip Pages With Head Gestures


MagicReader iPad App

Another iOS book reader app is not the need of the hour as we already have the popular ones like Apple iBooks and Adobe Reader. But then as Steve Jobs once said “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them“. The app community tend to appreciate something new only when they lay hands on an exciting product, the ones that cater a different use case. Here is an app that can change the book reading experience on iPad once and for all. Meet MagicReader book reader app for iOS.

MagicReader is a free (ad-supported) book reader app for iPad that lets users flip through pages by turning head without having to use their hands at all. Magical reading experience on the best tablet device out there. This in addition to the regular book reading experience is made possible by using the front camera available on iPad 2 and new iPad. The use cases for an app like this is endless but let me paint few of them for you. Imagine you are playing an instrument while your iPad with notes is on a stand, reading something while munching snacks or reading while holding iPad with one hand while the other hand is already occupied. The list is endless but this is just the first version of MagicReader and the developers are planning to add more geekier stuff to it soon.

Magic Reader Face Gesture

MagicReader can open PDF and zip files. It also supports image file formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP. To get started all you have to do is load PDF e-books to Magic Reader app using the ‘Open in’ button available in iOS Safari browser or other reader apps. Once you have the book in Magic Reader simply tap on the star button at the upper-right corner so that it turns blue signifying that the touch-free reading mode is on. Select a book and wait for the small blue stars on top to start blinking. Now slowly turn your head towards left or right side to flip through book pages. Magical!

MagicReader Blue Stars

This app doesn’t expect users to move head swiftly so don’t do that and strain your neck. Also make sure you maintain a certain distance between iPad and your face  for the camera to be able to detect your face. Though not recommended MagicReader works in low light environment and even in dark if you increase screen brightness to full.

Upcoming features:

The upcoming version of MagicReader promises to enhance the already awesome touch-free reading experience to something exceptional. The developers are planning to introduce “wink” and “voice control” commands. The app will also feature the much-needed landscape mode, book selection without touching and other popular file formats like EPUB, MOBI, cbz, cbr etc. This version of MagicReader lacks an option to delete files, but you can expect that in the upcoming version.

Watch the MagicReader demo video:


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