Aviary for Google Drive: Edit, Save & Share Photos Using Chrome Extension

Aviary Google Drive

Over the last few years we’ve had used Google cloud storage on various Google services like Gmail, Docs and Music. But recently Google announced a dedicated service called Google Drive that lets users easily upload, store and share files all from a single place. With native support for over 30 file types Google Drive is turning out to be a powerful storage and management tool. Not only that Google has partnered with third-party web app developers to provide useful editing and productivity tools that further enhances the experience. Aviary, the popular web and mobile based photo editing tool provider has released a Chrome extension dedicated to Google Drive.

With ‘Aviary for Google Drive‘ Chrome extension users can quickly open image files in Aviary web photo editor tool specially set up for Google Drive. Aviary web editor includes photo tools that lets users enhance, annotate, add filters, remove redeye, crop etc. Once after installing this Chrome extension you can simply right-click any image in Google Drive web interface and select Open With > Aviary for Google Drive. The first time when you access Aviary web app a prompt to grant access to Google Drive will be displayed. When you grant access it opens Aviary web app in a new tab and provide you with all basic editing tools.

Google Drive PhotosStart playing with your photo in Aviary Photo Editor to apply effects or enhance photos. Once done, press Save to apply your changes. Now the new version of that photo will be saved on to Google Drive. But you can revert to older versions at any time. Google Drive web UI allows users to share updated image with friends or coworkers, download it to your desktop. The updated image automatically gets synced to your Google Drive folder if you have installed it on your Windows or Mac.

Aviary Google Drive Web App

Aviary web app inside Google Drive can be very useful for someone who doesn’t have dedicated apps installed on desktops. It’s both intuitive, powerful and with basic photo editing tools available to anyone with a Google Drive account on the go photo editing/ sharing is such a breeze.

Install Aviary for Google Drive Chrome Extension

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