Quickly Send Gmail Attachments to Google Drive Using Chrome Extension


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Google’s much awaited cloud storage service is here and discussions are on  how it scores over other big shots in store. While Google Drive is similar to Dropbox and SkyDrive when used primarily for syncing , the powerful web-based features proves Google Drive advantageous. The availability of browser-based web apps attached to Google Drive and the powerful OCR file search prove to be features worth vouching for if you plan to ditch costly paid services in the name of this new entrant.

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Google services like Gmail, Docs and Picasa that required file storage space used their limited allocated space till date. But that is about to change with the advent of Google Drive. Google already points all Docs files to Drive storage and other services are likely to see this change soon. While you wait for Google to flip the switch here is something Gmail power users can do to send or backup attachments to Google Drive in a single click.

Gmail Attachments to Drive is a Chrome extension that adds ‘Send to Drive’ link next to all the attachments you receive in Gmail inbox. With a single click you can send and store all these files under ‘My Drive’ folder in Google Drive. Now matter in what format the files are ‘Save to Drive’ link will appear on all attachments.

Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Clicking on ‘Send to Drive’ opens up a new tab that remotely pushes files to Google Drive to store under ‘My Drive’. All files stored in Google Drive can be sorted based on modified time, Title, File size etc. Also the files stored in Drive are searchable based on file name or text stored in them which is made possible with Google’s advanced search technology.

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Gmail attachments send to Google Drive this way can also be synced or saved to your desktop if you have installed Drive client for Windows or Mac OS X. It is adviced to save important Gmail attachments this way as you can organize it under Google Drive and also access both online and offline.

Install Gmail Attachments to Drive Chrome Extension

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