TunnelBear VPN for iOS: Access US, UK Restricted Websites On iPhone & iPad

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Summary: Tunnel Bear is the best VPN service available for iOS devices that offers a secure US and UK VPN connection. With Tunnel Bear you can access geo-restricted websites from anywhere in the world.

TunnelBear, the latest entrant to Virtual Private Network (VPN) scene that promises a clutter free experience on Windows and Mac just got a wider platform support. TunnelBear is now available for iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But unlike TunnelBear for desktop that offered a free account with 500MB monthly data cap (additional 500 MB for spreading message on Twitter), iOS support comes with a price tag of $4.99/ month (Giant) or $49.99/ year (Grizzly). Once you upgrade to Tunnel Bear Giant or grizzly VPN account you’re immediately provided access to iOS apps. But mind you its worth the money for many reasons. Keep reading for all the advantages and on how to install TunnelBear on iOS.

Tunnel Bear scores over other such service providers by offering an anonymous, secure, ad-free, always on US and UK-based VPN in a single app. If you have experienced VPN for desktop then you would probably know how intuitive it is to install Tunnel Bear, get it running and switch between US/ UK VPN servers within seconds. Tunnel Bear offers the very same experience on iOS too. This is not the case with Hotspot Shield, one of the popular free US VPN providers that offers an insecure, ad-supported and cumbersome service for desktops.

Tunnel Bear Giant and Grizzly account offers unlimited data transfer and lets users stream US/ UK only websites on your Windows, Mac desktops, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is handy if you are an online music/ video streaming services fanatic who surf geo-location restricted services like Spotify, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ABC, Rdio, Pandora, Last.fm and CBS Videos on the go. While unblocking US and UK only web services is the common use case there many other reasons why people root for a quality VPN service like Tunnel Bear VPN. It will be useful to residents of UAE and other countries where many web services are blocked. Tunnel Bear also offer a secure 256-bit encrypted data transfer that lets users communicate even on an unsecured open Wifi connection. Thus the data exchanged cannot be sniffed by a third-party making it hack proof.

TunnelBear is any day preferred over other less secure services that offer anonymous browsing like proxy servers or TOR networks. It is also stable than other alternatives like Hotspot Shield available for iOS devices making Tunnel Bear VPN the best option for gulping online streaming content 24×7.

How to install Tunnel Bear on iPhone and iPad [iOS]:

1. Head over to TunnelBear.com/iOS from your iPhone or iPad.

2. Login to your Tunnel Bear account. Make sure you have subscribed to Giant or Grizzly account.

Tunnel Bear iPad Login

3. Tunnel Bear will then redirect page and call iOS VPN profile installer. Hit ‘Install’. This profile will change settings on your iOS device and will install Tunnel Bear VPN profiles. Once installed click ‘Done’.

Tunnel Bear iOS Install Profile

4. Now under iOS Settings> VPN slide to switch Tunnel Bear VPN on. Both US and UK VPN profile configurations can be enabled according to your needs anytime.

TunnelBear US UK VPN Profile

Once the app authenticates your account it will be connected to Tunnel Bear servers via a secured channel. The status under VPN settings will display the time since last connection. To disable simply slide it to turn off. If you wish to completely remove Tunnel Bear for some reason you can do that by going to  Settings> General> Profile. Hit ‘Remove’ to wipe out Tunnel profiles from your iPhone or iPad.

Update: Rdio, BBC iPlayer and other US/ UK geo-restricted online services worked fine without any delay in buffering. Attaching screenshots below.

Rdio TunnelBear VPN

BBC iPlayer TunnelBear VPN

2 Responses

  1. Terence says:

    As there has been no further comments, I will answer my own question for other viewers: The bottom line is ATV does not support VPN, which effectively means any VPN apps are defunct used in this context. If you turn off VPN in Settings on the iPad or iPhone, then you can’t use Tunnelbear (or whatever) and so can’t stream the BBC iPlayer from the UK. Therefore there’s nothing to send to to ATV in the first place. Catch 22, so to speak.

  2. Terence says:

    I have installed Tunnelbear on my iPhone and planned to stream the BBC iPlayer to my TV via Apple TV using Airplay. However, even with my VPN UK connection running fine on the iPhone, I constantly get the “cannot play this content” message from Apple TV. Is it because there is some kind of embedded signature in the BBC stream that is blocked by Apple TV? Is there a fix for this?

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