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Majority owns either a smart phone or a tablet device these days. And the large screen real estate of these latest phones and tablets makes it a perfect companion for reading web articles while on the go. But the non-availability of a stable data connection can bug you while traveling in bus, train or flight. Of course you can save the web pages as pdf and transfer it to your mobile device before starting your journey, but that is time-consuming and tedious. Also keeping track of all your favorite blog posts or articles is not easy when dealing with pdf files. So what is the best way to bookmark your favorite articles and to take them offline to read it later on phones/ tablets when without an internet connection.

Pocket (formerly known as Read it Later) a free cross-platform app available for iOS and Android allows its users bookmark, save web pages to read it later even without an active internet connection. Pocket app is available for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android devices and popular web browsers (Windows and Mac) out there. Install the feature rich Chrome extension or Firefox add-on to get started. Now when ever you stumble upon something interesting be it an article, image or a video hit the Pocket button on browser or use keyboard shortcut to save it your Pocket account. Pocket browser add-ons are fine tuned for not only web pages but it also integrated to appear on Twitter.com and Google Reader UI for one-click saving. Also right-clicking on any hyperlink lets you save it to your Pocket account without even loading the page. With tags feature you can add tags to pages when saving so as to organize it into groups under your online Pocket account.

Pocket One Click Saving

All the pages saved are synced across all mobile devices with Pocket app installed. Sign in using Pocket credentials to download pages to phones or tablets to take it offline. Once downloaded you can even disconnect internet connection with access to all the saved web contents still available on your device. The web pages will be automatically categorized under Articles, Videos and Images for users to quickly switch between

Pocket being popular is available as a feature in popular apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, Tweetbot, Zite etc. for all platforms including Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian. This integration with 300+ apps and the offline mode features makes Pocket as a bookmarking service the best. Start Pocket-ing!

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Pocket iPhone App

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