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SmartSync iOS Facebook App

Facebook for me is the secondary source for personal info after the native iPhone contacts book in iOS. The fact that my friends update their profiles quite often makes it a reliable source and time saver. In fact there exists iOS apps that can automatically pull mobile numbers and save it your address book in iOS. Also there are apps that can auto sync Facebook profile photos to iOS contacts based on a name match. But I always wanted an intuitive and intelligent way to automatically or manually pull not just mobile numbers and profile photos but also other information like birthday, address, website etc. to my iPhone with little effort. That is when I stumbled upon this cute little iOS app.

SmartSync is a free iOS app that can automagically update your iPhone contacts with their profile photo from Facebook. Not only photo, SmartSync’s intelligent sync engine is smart enough to find a matching Facebook profile to pull information including birthday, status, address, website, company and job title from it. These information can then manually synced to contacts in iOS. Once added to iPhone next time when one of your friends call, you are greeted with their Facebook profile photo and status update if opted for. The advantages of having Facebook status, photos and birthday’s synced to your iOS contacts are endless. While photos provides a way to recognize the caller even from a distance, latest FB status message pitches users with what friends are up to even before talking to them. The birthdays synced to iPhone are automatically added to iOS calendar app which sends timely notifications. Enable iCloud sync for all these info to automatically appear on all your iOS devices including an iPod Touch and an iPad.

To get started grant access to your Facebook account and let SmartSync scan your account for matching names. While SmartSync does a pretty decent job in automatically finding a match between contacts in iOS and Facebook it does encounter situations where two or more matching profiles are found. These results are presented to users for review before the actual sync process begin. SmartSync pitches its users with three cases: Matched, Conflicts and Unmatched. The matched contacts that SmartSync found for a contact in iOS, contacts for which SmartSync is having conflicting matches and an unmatched case when SmartSync couldn’t find a match. In either of these cases, the profile matches SmartSync provides can be manually changed and linked other FB contacts.

SmartSync iOS UI

One of the very useful feature in SmartSync is the option that lets users play with settings to set syncing rules. From settings if required you can set SmartSync app to overwrite existing photos or information in iOS contacts list. Also the photos can be set to fit call screen, full screen or Thumbnail.

SmartSync iOS Settings

All your friends birthdays are displayed under a separate tab in SmartSync app and is also added to Calendar app in iOS. In app reminders can be turned on and off from within SmartSync for iOS. Also the alert time can be set with a custom tone.

SmartSync Birthday

After SmartSync action you can find all public information associated with your friends FB profile now under his/ her iOS Contacts entry. Based on the info fetched you will see photo, birthday, address, website, company and job title displayed in a neat manner.

iOS SmartSync Facebook Update

SmartSync can be set to remind users to sync with Facebook to add latest information to iOS contacts. Also at any point of time if you wish to remove information added from Facebook you can do so by heading over to ‘More’ tab and then ‘Reset’.

SmartSync for iOS is a must have app for someone who wish keep their iPhone contacts always up-to-date with pictures and latest information from Facebook. The photo and birthday reminders sync features adds a cherry on top of the cake.

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