Simple Web App to Call US Landline, Mobile Phone Numbers [Free]

US Free Call Web App

Blessed are those who live in the United States of America. There exists iOS and Android apps like NetTalk, MagicJack, Bobsled and Google Voice that allows free calls to the US landlines and mobile phone numbers. Bobsled even lets you call from desktop using their web app. But all these apps requires you to create an account first and then login to initiate free calls. That is not an issue considering the fact that these apps allows unlimited free calls to US phone numbers. But what if a dead simple web app that doesn’t even require you to share your personal information exists. Won’t ya root for it?

Head over to where you will find a simple flash-based web app. This VoIP app doesn’t ask for your personal info or force you to register before using it. Just punch in your friend’s US landline or mobile phone number and hit the green call button. Alternatively you can make use of the dial pad that can accessed via the top left corner of your screen. While the app auto detects built-in mic and speaker, it is advised to connect a headset for better experience. Once done click the red end button to drop the call. This app also allows access to your Google account to quickly import contacts. For that, grant access by clicking on the link below dial pad. Another interesting feature is that this web service provides a SIP address with which your friends using a SIP client can call directly to your computer.

This web app is powered by Voxeo labs free jQuery plug-in called Phono that can turn any web browser into a multi-channel communications platform, capable of placing and receiving VoIP telephone calls. Services like this can be handy where installation of third-party apps are restricted. Also when you don’t want to reveal your personal number with someone whom you don’t trust.

Voxeolabs Phono US Call


Call US numbers for free [Web App]

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    Lucky for us technology is making life easier and better. Hopefully this advancements will be used for the betterment of the majority

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