How to Recover Router Username/ Password From Backup File

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It’s a known fact that majority of the network routers/ modem be it wired or wireless comes pre-loaded with a default admin username and password that prevents unauthorized access to your network right from the word go. And the most common factory set username and password being ‘admin’, ‘1234’ etc. can be changed via router web interface. If you just bought a new network router and is not sure about the default username/ password you can search for it here. In order to change your network SSID or tinker with other router settings you need login details. That being said not knowing the default password or forgetting your newly set password at the time of crisis can cost you. The only practical way to recover router username/ password is to reset it to factory default to get back the settings set by respective manufacturers. Usually routers sports a physical button that when pressed and hold down resets router to factory default settings. Recovering router credentials this way is waste of time and also erases all the tweaks you had in place for efficient routing.

With RouterPassView, a standalone free tool for Windows PC you can recover router username and password, provided you have access to router backup file with configuration details. It is advised to save or backup router settings immediately after you finish setup for the first time so that you can restore from the file later. The router settings are saved to your computer in .conf file format that contains info like your ISP user name/password, broadcast SSIDs and other routing rules in place. Also if it’s a modem or a modem/ router you will find your ISPs login username and password required to establish a connection with servers each time you reconnect.

How to recover ISP, router username and password using RouterPassView:

To get started download (link below) and launch RouterPassView tool. Now from the interface click File> Open Router Config File or Ctrl+O and locate router .conf file on your drive. Once RouterPassView scan router config files for username and password it will then display it. Under the item type you will see two set of username/ password where ‘Internet Login’ being your ISP credentials and ‘Login’ your router login details. Alternately if you want to locate your password by without analyzing the raw data you may switch to Ascii Text Mode (F3) or Hex Dump Text Mode (F4).

RouterPassView supports a limited number of router models (Linksys, D-Link, Belkin, TP-Link etc.) right now and you can find the entire list on their page.

RouterPassView UI

Download RouterPassView

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